Apple iMac MD095-27 inch i5 2.9GHz

Apple iMac MD095-27 inch i5 2.9GHz

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Stunning design and widescreen display.
With a 5mm depth, iMac gives off a remarkably powerful computer into a gorgeous design. It also reduces reflection by 75 percent giving you a better viewing experience and action.

Newest technologies are about to hit your workstation.
Its fourth generation Intel Processor, the latest NVIDIA graphics and fast 802.11ac Wi-Fi makes the slimmest iMac yet the most powerful.

Operating System X Mavericks
This operating system is easy to use, incredibly powerful and contains all the features that you love. OS X Mavericks is the world's most advanced desktop operating system.

Breakthrough Fusion Drive.
Available as a configurable option, Fusion Drive combines a high-capacity hard drive with high-performance flash storage, so disk-intensive tasks - like booting up and importing photos - are faster and more efficient.

Powerful apps for creativity and productivity.
Right out of the box, you can edit photos and videos, compose music, create presentations and more. Built-in apps also allow you to do everyday things such as checking your mails, making FaceTime video calls and browing the web.