Bvlgari Soap Wrapped

Bvlgari Soap Wrapped

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Elegant and intimate. Suits your luxurious taste.
This rich and soft lathering soap contains the scent of Eau Parfumeé au The Blanc. This deluxe creamy beauty soap will leave your skin supple, radiantly clean with a light scent of artemisia, white tea and musk.

Not too sweet, not too faint and not to strong. It's just right.
Bvlgari soap is perfectly formulated to satisfy a wide-range of customers. Its scent contains an expression of sensory pleasure with properties to calm, clean and rehydrate the skin.

Good for both sexes.
The generous, intimate and elegant refinement of Eau Parfumeé au The Blanc is suitable for both men and women. This can be a good gift for a social chic and a nice treat for your metrosexual buddy.

Perfect with many beauty and skin products.
Bvlgari soap is nice to use with different kinds of products. It is good to use with plenty of cosmetics such as lip balms, after-shave lotions, bath tea bags and shaving gels.