Clinique 3 Color Eyeshadow Kit

Clinique 3 Color Eyeshadow Kit

SKU: COS10003

USD 39.95  

Great for travel.
Your Clinique 3 Color Eye Shadow kit comes with an excellent package. Every make-up enthusiasts would love its smoothness in every glide making it very easy to reapply anywhere, anytime.

Safe and tested. The only shadow you'll need.
Ever experienced irritation on your previous brand of eye shadow? With Clinique 3 Color Eye Shadow, it's time to say goodbye to itchy and watery eyes after applying make-up.

Pretty colors and silky feel that stays on.
This eye shadow from Clinique is wearable day and night. It looks good during daylight and it stays perfect for the evening. It lasts without creasing even without a liner or base which is perfect for those who are too busy to reapply another touch of shadow. Being a high quality product, you can really expect nothing but greatness, convenience and excellent beauty.

Mix, match and look at your best.
Clinique 3 Color Eye Shadow can bring out the best in you. The shadow goes on easy, can be applied smoothly on your lids and are very easy to blend.