Clinique All Heart Lipstick

Clinique All Heart Lipstick

SKU: COS10029

USD 50.69  

A must have.
Look fabulous with Clinique All Heart Lipstick. Applying two coats on your lips is enough to give you that fabulous look that you've always wanted. Wearing this won't let you down in any kinds of occassion.

That style can be long lasting.
That fresh look on your lips will last longer with Clinique All Heart Lipstick. Unlike its counterparts and other lipsticks with fast fading formula, this guarantees excellent feeling and confidence.

Easy style and image transformation.
This lipstick from Clinique is pretty and very easy to wear. Prepare yourself to be transformed quickly by this creamy long lasting soft lipstick with the All Heart shade.

Get more from what you see.
Aside from giving you that fabulous effect and that quick transformation, Clinique All Heart Lipstick also moisturizes, shines and protects.