Coastal Scents 32 Lip Palette

Coastal Scents 32 Lip Palette

SKU: HNB10045

USD 33.95  

Flexible. Beauty as what you want it to be.
Are your lips in need of enhancing? Then try our incredible 32 Lip Palette. This matte black palette contains 32 different, long lasting shades to achieve any look you desire. Adjustable coverage allows for a wide range of applications, from sheer and natural to lush and deep and anything in-between. The possibilities are endless!

Quality that lasts.
Aside from having many colors to choose from, the Coastal Scents 32 Lip Palette are greatly pigmented making it easier to apply and stays longer. This is indeed a great buy especially for those who are tired of reapplying a lip makeup from time to time.

Smooth and comfortable to wear.
Every colors on the palette feel nice and smooth to wear. It is also very easy to mix in order to come up with a better color combination. This comes in a great matte black case that is sturdy enought to hold up under all the use that it can get.

A gift for all makeup users.
This is a must-have for different makeup enthusiasts. Beginners will enjoy the glossy and creamy lipsticks on this palette.