LG Optimus Pad V900 3D 32GB

LG Optimus Pad V900 3D 32GB

SKU: APP10073

USD 363.00  

Easy to use.
LG Optimus Pad V900 3D 32GB can be a one-hand grip tablet. Its easy to use that it lets you do more things with your free hand. This device is specifically designed to match different kinds of users. Same quality without the dead spaces.

3D Video Recording.
Another feature that you will enjoy while using LG Optimus Pad V900 is its 3D video recording. It lets you capture incredible, fun and remarkable moments at its best.

Full HD Recording and Playback.
Full HD video brings you 1080P resolution at your fingertips. Full HD recording and playback provides the most vivid and life-like video. Capture every detail and relive the memories with astonishing clarity and precision. No need to worry about encoding your own video as multiple codecs are supported.

Content Sharing.
Expands your viewing options with connectivity to any HDMI supported device. Whatever you see on Optimus Pad including web, video, and games can all be viewed on a larger display. Transform your Optimus Pad into a platform and share content with friends.